Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poplar Run

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According to family history, the land that Poplar Run sits on is ours.  And the county has use of it so long as there is a church or a school placed on the grounds.  At the time the church was built, there was already a working school.  So, Poplar Run AME was created.

I remember reunions when I was younger.  On Sunday morning, the family would dress in their Sunday Best and drive the short distance to Poplar to worship with the local congregants.  Now, however, the parishioners seem to have dwindled to nothing.  And yet the local pastor opened the church's doors so we could have a family service - with our own ministers, deacons, and choir. 

The scripture was John 14:12-14, and the Word was delivered by my cousin Adrian, who is a decorated police officer in Philadelphia in addition to being a minister.

And the testimony!  There's nothing like hearing the triumphs of your family after praying for them to overcome the trials.

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Serline said...

And we will pray that this tradition of family reunion will continue, and for the congregation to be grow again...