Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ptych, ptych, ptych

Di, tri, and tetra that is. 
Or, perhaps, I'll just go with polyptychs.

I'm playing with photo groupings and am completely in love with these story board style compilations.  While I firmly believe that a picture is worth 10k Words (hence the name of my photography business - which exaggerates the advertising slogan), there is something powerful in crafting photo essays.  I hardly even need to add the captions, except that I like words too much to leave them out.
5.7 VARF contemplating
The one solo shot of the bunch. Ya wasn't sure he was going to enjoy the day at the VARF. So he played shy and lazy, opting to hang out in his stroller with the sun shade pulled down to conceal him.  It didn't take long, though, for him to decide the Faire was a pretty cool place to be seen.
Ren' blocker
Ren' blocker, too
And in the Poppet's Playground, Ya discovered that building castle towers (while humoring Mommy with a period cap on his head) was almost as fun as knocking them down.
OOH!  Gravel walkways are awesome for rock hunting.  Or maybe it's not a hunt when the ground is covered in them?  And what better way to avoid posing for a portrait than by wielding a rock and threatening to throw and flee?

[And yes, I'm still going through our Renaissance Faire photos and realizing that I cannot spell that blasted word consistently.]
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Susan said...

Oh my, these are just incredible pictures.

Love your work.

If you don't mind, how did you group them like this.

I just LOVE it!!