Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Many times a day my Nanny prays.  She prays aloud.  She sets an example.
"Dear God, thank you for letting me see another day," she says.
And while I used to think it a little odd to repeat this over and over, now I find myself feeling blessed just to hear her say it one more time. 
Scripture says pray
There's something amazing about having faith.  It makes all things seem possible even when others say they are impossible.  And I'm so glad my children will know the power of believing and the peace of devotion.  Ours is a family raised in the pews - - and though we may stray from the church's physical vessel sometimes, the foundation is firmly built in our hearts and resonates through our spirits.

**This photo taken during our intimate family worship service at the RAJ Reunion May 29, 2011 in the family church, Poplar Run (North Carolina). 


Ashley Sisk said...

I appreciate the sentiment but I also love the photo.

Ashley Sisk said...

Since I don't have your email...I use a remote - greatest use of money ever!

Taylor said...

Great post! Love that shot, so precious.

FootPrints said...

THAT is the most precious photo ever!