Wednesday, May 4, 2011

B&W little Colonial man

No long post this morning.  It's dreary outside and I'm sleepier than anyone ever should be.  What a combination, huh?

I'm almost finished reliving our brief Williamsburg vacation through photos.  Almost, because there are a lot of clicks that hoped to become photographic magic, but they lost their lustre between sight and snap. 
bucket B&w4.18(356)
4.18 (cards)B&W
Ya liked wearing his Colonial cap for the day.  I was shocked and stoked at the same time.  He never humors my desires to get him into a head covering of any kind (unless it's raining, then he's adamantly proclaiming that he must have his hood up). 

At the plantation, he tried to lug a water bucket to the well.  I swear it weighed no less than 20 pounds without water. Ugggh.  And I've no idea what that block he's leaning on really is, though I suspect it's the precursor to a hammer used to split wood (in conjunction with a metal sliver).  And all work and no play is no fun, so he spent a little time playing his hand.


Ginny said...

What great pictures! Isn't it amazing how a simple prop can add so much to a black and white photograph.

Ashley Sisk said...

He's a colonial natural! :)

Angela@the crazyness that is me said...

Fantastic photos! That second one is truly priceless!