Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Sweet} Candy Captures

The interesting thing about my photography journey of late is that my kids are actively involved in the trip.  They oblige my requests for pictures - sometimes they volunteer.  They ignore Mommy's third eye intrusion into their lives (and often tell stories as I review images on the computer).  Honestly, it's pretty cool to have my sidekicks so willing to assist me in living out my dream.
candy candy
After my temporary hijacking of the Easter candies, Ya has determined that every package he opens must be submitted for a photograph documentation before he'll eat it.  Poor kid. Sweet kid.
Hey! He stole my subject!

Yes, I've made abnormalities the norm.
Sweet Shot Day

1 comment:

Scott said...

OK, now I'm hungry! Thanks for the comment on my photos the other day!

Great capture, just look at his eyes, he' really enjoying that piece of candy :~)