Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reading Bugs and Book Worms?

Ya and I go bug hunting.  Chi likes to harvest pill bugs (aka rollie pollies).  As long as we're actively trying to seek out insects, we think they're pretty cool.

But let an ant trail into our home in search of the succulent orange of Orange scented PineSol... let him call out his troops in a food hunt... let a wayward moth or night flyer drift toward our foyer light... or a spider select a vacant corner to weave a home in... and We Are Not Amused.

The same can be said for invaders we've not invited to join in our outdoor festivities.  Yes, it's their domain, but there's a personal bubble that mustn't be crossed. 
blurry eyed book bug
No one told this reading bug that.  Apparently, he's a fan of Wimpy Kids.  And he figured, since the owner of the book was occupied walking through murky waters, that he'd pick up where she'd left off.
water walker 4.25.11
He really didn't think she'd mind.  And he knew the rock throwing champ wasn't going to tell of his invasion.
He was so occupied in his sport that he didn't even know there was an interest in the discarded novel.
rock tossin'
And did you see the page reading bug was looking at?  We couldn't believe our eyes! Seriously, book worm has some bibliophile competition.


Alana Jo said...

Those are really great pics. Looks like LOTS of fun. My little boy loves those books!

Anonymous said...

I want to read books and throw rocks in this stream! So lovely.

JennyO said...

Wow what a wonderful way to spend the day! I love the boots!

Buckeroomama said...

My son just finished his first Wimpy Kid book and has now asked me to borrow more for him from the library. :)

I love this series of photos -- so sharp and clear! Really beautiful. :)

Jana said...

Some dang adorable kiddos!! :)

Taylor said...

Really great shots!! Love the clarity.

Serline said...

Great outdoor pics, but I love the reading bug most... guess I'm a sucker for pretty little critters and books, even the uninvited ones ;-P

Susan said...

Oh these are great. Your son is precious♥

Alice said...

what fun! i love your pictures and your script to go along with it - i'm laughing! i bet you have a fun household!