Monday, August 3, 2009

My Story In Photos: The Summer Edition

I am blessed. I have two fabulous children and a job that allows me to share my summer completely with them. If I have to work away from home, at least I have this extended time to cherish them during the daylight hours.

This is our summer story, though it won't be complete for another few weeks yet :)

In May, we were counting down the days to summer. 5...4...3...2...1!

But it wasn't officially summer until we could visit the pool.

Chi surprised us all and jumped right in.
Ya was equally excited and determined this bath tub was absolutely amazing.
Occasionally, Oma would tag along and play with the kids. And Chi, now a budding photographer (when she feels like it) would sometimes humor Mommy with a picture.And Chi, once de-safetied, enjoyed a few minutes in the ultra hot tub.
And we were never allowed to leave until someone's footsies looked like this...Aside from the pool, we visited the library, because reading is FUN-damental and Chi knows how to do it!Sometimes, we would bowl.But there were many strike outs instead of strikes (I know, that's baseball jargon). And Mommy discovered that she could bowl holding Ya almost as "well" as she does without him. Sad, isn't it?

The trip to the beach was a bit of a bust... because the only water available was COLD, chlorinated, and shooting from all directions.
We played dress up.
Drove cars.
Discovered new things... like shadows that move when we move.Picked flowers.Visited the park (a lot!).
Sampled a few "don't eat that!"s.
Channeled our inner Sponge Bob and were bubble blowing babies.
And we're not finished yet!


Joy Howse said...

Great summer recap. We have 9 days left - UGH!!

Favorite pic is by far the foot pic still, though the shadow pic is adorable, heck, they are ALL adorable!

Hope you enjoy your remaining freedom of summer break.

Yelena R. said...

Ahh so cute! I love the second one...the expression is too funny :)

Shannon said...

LOVE all of these, especially the picture of your lil guy finding his shadow! :) What a fab summer! Are you a teacher??? Just curious!

K. said...

What a great summer!! You've got some fantastic shots there... I really like the wrinkley foot, and the library - I remember spending many days at the library when I was little. I can't wait till my little man is old enough to do the same. Happy Summer!!