Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Little Fun Never Hurt Anybody

And what fun we can have at this lavish playground! Clemyjontri: It's free, it's huge, and it's well kept. Awesome.

We've been to this lovely escape twice now and each time has been fabulous. It's a bit of a trek from the house, but Chi L-O-V-E-S to play on all the equipment, take a ride on the carousel, and soak in the summer heat. And Ya? He's giving it mixed reviews, but he's still too young for the park thing.
What's there to do?

First, begrudgingly sit on the "nice horse" for Mommy while she takes a cheesy photo before the carousel begins to move... ...and quickly dismount to claim the spinning seat that Mommy is (amazingly) too tall to join you in.

Second, race with Oma on the drag strip a half dozen times until she wheezes, sputters, and says something like "I'm going to pay for this tomorrow."Third, don't "Taste the rainbow," climb the rainbow.Then finally, run around the playground sampling everything until Mommy gives up trying to take pictures of the moving target and instead settles on the temporarily stationary (or at least slower on the on-four-travel-system) Ya as her photo subject.

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Taylor said...

What a gorgeous playground! I wish our carousel looked like that one! Although Taylor loved the Fun World my husband and I did not LOL! It was grungy, poorly run and not supervised by anyone with authority - it was just a bunch of students with attitude! This park looks so well kept and just beautiful, it looks like she had so much fun. BTW - Thanks for the compliment!