Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Think Therefore I Can

That is my baby girl's philosophy. If she dreams up enough courage, she fearlessly attempts just about anything. Nope, she's no dope. In fact, she's calculating and inquisitive about the effects of her actions. But let her figure out a rationalization for something, give it some meritorious function, and she's in action.

Such was the case today as she learned what it takes most folk a week or two of swimming lessons to do (and what neither her Mama or Dad do well. She started out with a hop and a few arm strokes, progressed to leaps and kicks, and in a matter of hours, could stroke her way across half the pool into her Mama's waiting arms.It was nothing short of amazing to watch this girl - who only weeks ago refused to get her face wet - create routines of jumping into the pool, swimming laps to the stairs, the pool wall, or Mama, and then repeating her creations until perfected. And, she admitted, someday she hopes to jump off the diving board like the people she saw on T.V. and win a few metals for her efforts.
Wow. I give today's performance a 10.

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Shannon said...

i love her lil' determined attitude! She will go far in life - mark my words! :)