Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sandlot Kids

In my eternal search for an inexpensive beach outing, we landed in Long Island, New York. I know you're thinking "the tolls alone, and the gas too, should not be placed in the cheap category," and you are right. But PopPop had an Easy Pass (TM) and Oma chipped in gas money and cousin and aunt hosted our four day stay, so it was a budget-friendly (or community funded) trip.

Long Island is a funny fish shaped island just outside of New York City... and though this island, like all of them, is surrounded by water, the beaches are... well, "swim-free" and bird infested. I had hoped to get a few awesome shots of the kids at play for my weekly I Faces contest (beach theme), but we got back late and I already know that this week's winning photos are nothing like the ones I captured.

Anyway, Ya had his first play time in sand (and determined it did not taste as good as it looks). Chi got to build a "castle," though with the water being off limits, this was NOT an easy feat.
The "beach" we arrived at has a shoreline and the dark blue water didn't look all that treacherous, but the signs suggested terrible penalties if we dared touch the water. So, Chi and her cousins had a little fun at the water park feature just off the beach front. The favorite for Chi was the water slide, which Mommy couldn't photograph because of a slight but dangerous breeze that misted her camera and that alone was a bit too risky for a photo shoot. So, there are a few shots of her being forced to sit on the toad stool.
And a lot more of her cousins posing....... or blasting the high powered water gun... doesn't he look a bit impish?
Ya did not enjoy the water features at all, so although he looks okay in this shot, he's actually in the beginning of a cry of agony (in which he refused to sit down because he feared getting wetter than he already was, so he just stood where he was placed).

And while we were up north, we visited with family, which is always a pleasure in small doses. I adore hearing the stories my grandparents tell. I love giving my kids opportunities to play with their cousins and get to know their aunts and uncles outside of funerals and family reunions. And it is ever so special to be able to just be yourself and be totally accepted with all the blemishes that God made you with. To feel loved and cherished. To be home while away from home.

... but then there's the extra feature family always provides: Don't you just love advice ruminating from every room you walk into? Well, I don't. My kids, my choices, my mistakes, my problems... but you're welcome to pray that God gives me wisdom in all of it whenever you'd like.

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Taylor said...

It looks like the kids had a great time. You can see the joy on their beautiful little faces. I'm glad you got to take a mini vacation. I hear ya on family and advice LOL.