Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's been a few weeks since I've taken advantage of the free therapy confession session that is Not Me Monday, but it's fine time I unloaded a bit of myself onto the blog :)

This past week I did not cry from sheer frustration/helplessness/pity when Ya came down with a terrible cough stemming from an elementary school germ bug his sister carried home.

The entire household is not sick from said germ bug which has passed from hugs, kisses, and food sharing that is so common around here. I did not ban said familial affection until the germ dies, and then immediately sneak snuggles and share food with both kids because I'm the Mommy and that's what I do.

I did not spend an entire day on the computer playing catch up with my favorite photographer's blogs when the internet and cable came back on after a week suspension.

I did not race over to do my taxes as soon as the last W-2 arrived in the mail having decided that Uncle Sam could now pay me so I could pay everyone else. I did not do a happy dance when I saw that I got an extra deduction for Ya courtesy of the stimulus incentive that was issued when we were just 4-5 months along in our pregnancy.

I did not accidentally discover that Ya loves pasta faggioli and hamburgers when his eyes widdened and a chubby hand reached for the food/utensil and drew it towards a wide open, toothless mouth. I did not decide then that since the pediatrician okay'd vegetables, this was an appropriate segway into eating solids, too. I did not take great humor in watching him tear apart my burger and cram bits of it in his mouth then "chew" it up. He did not cry each time a serving went into my mouth instead of his.

I did not go to work only one day out of the whole week and come home exhausted from the long week's work after complaining all day to anyone who would listen about how miserable my son was and how I desperately wanted to be at home.

I did not spend an entire Sunday watching the We channel and torturing everyone in the house with Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Platinum Weddings and some other wedding rescue show. I did not wake up at 2:30 a.m. and find that the same episode I fell asleep on was on again and playing just for me to watch the end.

I did not ask Chi to make a choice between reading and doing her hair last night - two tasks she has grown to hate. I did not take great surprise and then feel terrible when she chose her hair and not a book. I did not wonder how on earth she could ever catch up her skills if the thought of reading was so daunting/scary/frustrating to her.

I did not chuckle out loud when Chi said that in reading class they read "Dan the Flying Man again" and then proceeded to recite the entire book while flipping the air pages with her hand. I did not make a note that this would be discussed at my Double Team conference on Tuesday with the reading specialist and the first grade teacher. If she's bored and memorizing an entire book, we'll never catch up or get ahead. I did not also realize how appropriate the book was to the situation (picture a new take on the Gingerbread Man; which I took to be the reluctant reader flying into her imagination instead of practicing her cueing systems). Surely there are other books to try?


Joy Howse said...

Love your Not Me! I am still trying to decide if I have the energy to actually blog today amongst the laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning that I have been putting off. I have so much to blog about I don't even know where to begin. Hope you have a wonderful week and that every gets back to 100% healthy so you can all be snuggling again.

E said...

I don't blame her - - - I hate to read, too!!! Yet here I sit, reading blogs. =0)

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I can't WAIT to be able to do our taxes. Still waiting for one W-2. You are so lucky. Great Not Me's!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

First of all, cute kids! As a teacher, I know we make kids read books several times, as it helps them on their expression, decoding and even confidence! Hopefully, she will get on to some new material soon!

pam said...

Wow your taxes are done early. Enjoy your refund. Happy Monday.