Sunday, January 25, 2009

Frequent Visitor

They're going to reserve a spot for Yadon and I at the pediatrician. I'm convinced of this, as we've been frequent visitors since his birth 5 months ago.

Most of the appointments were in the weeks following his birth. As our neonatal/amniocentesis tests predicted, he suffered from low birth weight. And within days of birth he was jaundice. But the other screening issues - Trisomy 18, oral clefting, and neural tube or spina bifida defects - were no where to be found.

He quickly gained weight, the jaundice gave way beautiful brown skin and bright white eyes, and his pediatrician pronounced him healthy.

Then constant discomfort (and crying) and vomiting after meals led to a panicked trip to the doctors at 7 weeks. Diagnosis: Acid Reflux.

Following a well baby check up at two months old was a bout with thrush which refused to go away.

Then we enjoyed watching Ya learn, disover, and explore himself and his world. But for three weeks straight now we're seeing the pediatrician.

Visit one: The rough skin and super dry patches? Diagnosis: Eczema. Okay, Chi grew out of that around two years old, so it's easily countered with extra care, skin creams, and hypoallergenic detergents and lotions.

Visit Two: The increasingly worse cough, weezing and sniffling, is not a cold. Relegated to the "Sick side" waiting area for the first time was the first blow. Then came the diagnosis: Asthma and a bronchial infection which could be RSV.

When Ya discovered the power of his smile a few weeks ago, he realized how endearing it was and he relished in the attention. He's not let one day (actually, one hour) go by without flashing those gums and showing his dimples. Until this past week. Do you know what it's like to not see a smile for several days?

And the cough. A long, torturous series of coughs and gasps followed by a mournful moan, and often tears. He fights for relief which seems not to come. He is miserable. And Mommy? Helpless.

We've kept him out of daycare for the last week battling fevers, the coughing, a runny nose, and watery eyes. Sometimes we think he's better - the smiles return, the playfulness. Then more coughs, tears, and obvious discomfort suggests he is still sick.

Visit Three: a scheduled well-baby with immunizations planned that will now include a sick baby follow-up.

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