Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Mother Nature, Jack Frost and all those mythical weather folk finally gave us a good snow out here in mild weathered NoVA. Too bad the schools were closed for a teacher workday and the only ones who had to travel in the slushy mess were the teachers! I guess a few dozen injured staff members are easily spared? So much for answered prayers for a snow day... One colleague admitted she ran a poor fellow off the road on her way in to the school this morning! By 8:45 a.m the day care Chi attends had decided to close and Ya's daycare closed down at noon. And for once, the folk here weren't panicking for no reason - the roads really are bad. It's supposed to sleet and ice tonight.

After coordinating pick ups in opposite directions, all four of us were safe indoors. We dined on delivered Chinese viddels - - yum, yum, yummy.

Chi and I left the Marqs to entertain each other while we held our traditional annual snow ball fight outside.

We also geared up the 'Hounds for some much need outdoor frolicking. Aren't they snazzy in their customized, personalized hoodies?
And we built a "little person" snowman in our front yard. My only hope is that the neighbor hoods don't steal the hat and gloves.
Tomorrow's forecast calls for ice, so maybe we'll get a delay?

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