Monday, January 5, 2009

Never I

The true confessions not guilty admissions of a working Mama are here again!

Here are the many things I did not do:

I did not refuse to acknowledge the clock for the last 16 days doing things on demand or as I remembered them needing to be done without care for a schedule. After all, playing around with medication schedules and feedings and bedtime can ruin a carefully established routine, can't it?

I did not so enjoy being a stay at home mom that I wished to win some prize that would allow me to do it permanently while still collecting a sustaining pay check.

I did not go to a Bridal Expo and then pout about not being a "Very Important Bride" like all the other women in the room. I did not then create a rating scale of each as I stared in awe at the "lucky ones" with the rings who must have a lot of hidden beauty. I am not so vain as to believe that I am a better catch than some of those sporting the bling.

I did not almost flub up on my Project 365 resolution project on Day Two and make up for it with one of the daily pictures of Yadon that I instinctively take each day. I did not spend 30 minutes taking pictures to get one image worthy of Project 365 inclusion. I did not accuse Marq of reneging from the project because I hadn't seen his camera out.

I did not stalk my baby brother with a camera for the last week trying to get at least ONE shot without his hands raised in front of his face in camera shy protest. I did not get told that I should at least let him shower before pulling out the camera. I did not finally get a photo shoot at the risk of further sickening said brother because I wanted to shoot outdoors without him wearing a coat. I did not get this picture because I told him I liked what the magazine said if I framed it right in my camera...


Anonymous said...

He clearly is delighted that you finally captured him on film. ;)

They call me mommy said...

Hey at least their was no hand in front of his face and I just had to laugh when I realized what his magazine said!!

Have a good week!

Megan said...

lol I like to stalk people with my camera too. heehee

Thanks for visiting!! We'll take all the prayers we can get!