Monday, January 5, 2009

Gets it from his mama?

My baby is a Mama's Boy... I don't mean the effeminate, pushover type of young man, either. What I mean is that my MB is showing a clear resemblance to my personality. He came into the world a little tiny 6lb 1.9 oz munchkin with powerfully strong lungs that announced his birth in an unprompted roar. It was as though he said "Take notice, world, I am here."

That was four months ago and he's just as loud, just as demanding. Except now he weighs a hearty 15 lbs and is no longer tiny by anyone's standards. The latest landmark in his development is the discovery of his true vocal cords. Gone are the gentle coos of the last few weeks. In their place are a series of jungle screams and squeals reminiscent of George of the Jungle (ahahahahaaaaahhhuuuhaha). Other times he demonstrates his range ah la the early Mariah Carey (see her song "Someday"). And sometimes (like when Daddy is sleeping and Mommy is holding Ya superman style in the air and encouraging the vocal exercises) the little vocal powerhouse belts out an ear piercing cry of excitement. Mommy, of course, has encouraged this exploration of sound and sometimes belts out her own echo to see where the exchange will go.

And suddenly the smiles that were so sparse before come un-coaxed as well as in reaction to a friendly smile from another. As if to show his Mama just how much he likes her, MB has even surrendered to the one-eyed monster with the flashy thingy! It helps that he's strong enough to sit up against pillows but too little to run away(like Chi). This has made for better images for Mommy of her ultra cute boy in her impromptu daily photo sessions in clothe drapped "studio" spaces around the house. Once upon a time, Mommy could do this with her Chi, but these days the little diva needs to be bribed or put into the mood to pose. I chased that little looney around OmaNPopPop's backyard for an hour on Christmas to get one portrait of my beautiful baby BIG girl. (The one to the right isn't it...)

Just today Ya sat perfectly content on my lap watching me type as he squealed away. Earlier, he sat on the bed trying to coax a toy into his mouth (teething already? Yucky drool man). He favors his left hand right now, but babies are ambidextrous, I think.

Anyway, Mommy's Boy is amazing (and he has the bestest bis sister in the world who will tell you just how incredible he is!). He, like she, must get it from his Mama ::modest winks::

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