Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me, Unh unh


I did not begin my vacation with grandiose intentions of catching up on all the little things I let get away from me only to decide by day three that I wanted to vegetate and "stuff" could wait.

I did not pose crazy goofy for Chi to take a picture of me while she instructed me to "lift one leg and smile big". Perhaps if I did, we might see a photo like the one to the left here.

I did not spend 5 plus hours in the car on a family road trip channel surfing and making singing to the oldies (eighties) a family affair.

I did not relish staying at a relatives house for three days only because it wasn't my house and I didn't have to wake up to dogs whining and things needing to be cleaned. I did not determine that every wall in my house needed a paint treatment and that I should invest in some real window coverings. I did not end my vacation asking Marq if maybe we should investigate moving the family south for a bigger yard and better home.

I did not journal about our trip in real time so as not to forget a single moment of our first family trip with Yadon.

I did not see a beautiful antique settee at the front door of our relatives' home and begin to imagine the possibilities of a photo shoot with Chi in a pretty smocked dress and Ya in a simple button down shirt, vest and shorts combo reminiscent of the black and white photos of my Poppy. I did not contemplate getting to stay in said house while the owners were out and about so I could take a few uninterrupted shots of Ya "in the buff" because I didn't have an old fashioned suit for him to wear for the ideal shoot.

I did not wish I had ear plugs when Ya began to scream somewhere at the 100 miles to go marker of our trip. I did not try to will him with my mind to cry it out quick and sleep so we could ride home in peace and he wouldn't get sick from crying.

I did not come home and realize that in our rush to get on the road the bed linen is still not washed and we'd have to sleep on a sheet and plastic slipcovers if we were going to sleep at all. I did not decide that that was okay and promptly pass out.

I did not discover that my new camera lens (thanks Mommy!) is the greatest Christmas present ever while I harassed every one I encountered at once with wide angle group shots, interior house shots, and impromptu sneak shots.

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