Monday, December 29, 2008

4 Months!

As of the 28th, we are officially 4 months new! Here's what's been happening...
First Thanksgiving
First Christmas
First **long** road trip to North Carolina
First discovery of the toes and feet

And our new tricks:
one quick and unexpected laugh while awake
recognition of Mommy, Daddy and Sis (and of Grams, PopPop, Oma)
Reaching and holding of objects
tracking movements (watching television!)
self soothing (sometimes, but strong preference to being held)
constant conversational cooing and sound experiments
blowing spit bubbles
learning how to totally manipulate family with real tears and wails that vanish upon being held
contentment during tub timeAnd new particularities:
hands and fingers preferred over paci
being held upright so head peers over shoulders
distinct dislike of the big black eye (camera)
desire to sit up instead of laying down (even if it means being hunched over when he does it by himself)
exercise sessions (consisting of leg pumps, arm extensions, and assisted upright stepping)

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