Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Recap Part One...

This Christmas began with a splash... or should I say a hurl? Almost like an alarm clock, but wetter and slimy, Ya released his midnight snack all over the bed. Surprisingly he did not cry, in fact he smiled as if to indicate that he was relieved by the expulsion.

Chi was up shortly after the tidal wave hit and inquired "Did Santa come?" This was likely because at 11:30 she was still fighting sleep and was told that by midnight he'd have made all his rounds because Santa travels Christmas Eve, not on Christmas.

As is usually the case, when commercial watchers ask for high ticket items, the gift opening process went rather quickly. I was saved this year in that we were still going to visit Oma and PopPop, each of whom had also picked up a few wants.

The big hitters for Chi this year?

Easy Bake Oven - Gram D
Nintendo DS - Oma and PopPop
Littlest Pet Shop - Uncle Arthur
Cupcake Factory - Marq
Digital Drum set - Santa
Barbie Cash Register - Daddy Ike

Notice here that Mommy is not included? Nope, she just bought the clothes...

Ya discovered that Chi's favorite toddler chair now fit him. And though he did have a few dramatic leans (it's hard sitting up right at 17 weeks!), he was intrigued by the colors and fun of the seat.
to be continued...

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