Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me

This is a post about what I most certainly did not do in the last few days...


I did not attempt to get this post written 3 times only to leave the handwritten draft at work and lose the second draft in cyberspace with a wayward keystroke. I'm not that pressed to post today.

I did not develop a severe craving for fried chicken and drive to KFC only to leave empty handed grumbling about paying $9.99 for six pieces of chicken.

I did not eat a cold left over cheesy beef burrito between classes at work because my stomach growls were audible above student conversations.

I did not demand that Daddy locate his camera and join the photography obsession so I could be in a picture with my kids for a change (and then demand to preview each picture and delete at my discretion).

I did not relish in my kids going to bed early while house sitting for my parents. I also did not spend the free time the sleep afforded boxing on Wii with Daddy.

I did not slip out of a well-baby appointment after the doctor consult and before being asked to hold Ya as he was poked with needles during the administration of multiple the immunizations. I did not fear he'd hold a grudge and lose trust in his mama (like Chi did) when he realized I allowed the shots and pain to occur and even held him still for themI did not leave Ya the amazing on a couch temporarily only to next see him on the floor crying softly as he propped himself up on his forearms and looked around from the new vantage point.
(I'm far too competent and cautious).

I did not beg Chi to pose in her new hula outfit until I got a perfect picture. If I had, it might have looked like this....

I did not use a $25 gift card to purchase two 8GB SD cards for our cameras in fear of missing the magic photo op for lack of memory.

I did not earn said gift card for spending insane amounts of money with a reward credit card.

I did not tell a coworker about Chi's favorite expression ("What?) and Ya's word ("Okay") only to be told I should rerecord a Little John chorus with my kids' voices on the track.

I did not run a load of laundry with a wayward florescent pink crayon still in Chi's sweatshirt pocket. If I had, I'd be really upset about the pink streaks and smears on several pairs of slacks, shirts, and baby outfits...

I tell you, I did not...

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