Saturday, November 22, 2008

Morning ReCap...

"Can We call him Bill?" - - While discussing potential nicknames for her baby brother, Chi suggests calling him something not quite his name. Now I'm thinking something like "Markie" or my beloved "ChubChub" or something related to his attributes or personality... Chi, however, decided he'd be much better suited for the name "Bill. Like Little Bill, but without the little." What? Later she suggests "Jack or something. Can we name him Candy?"

Meanwhile I can officially announce that Ya is babbling up a storm, smiling, squealing, and I think we heard a laugh, too. The thing that really got him smiling was our chant "Chi was #1, You're #2!" I know these smiles are different, because they came when we smiled wildly at him or cheered him on... Unfortunately this new landmark activity came between his spurts of projectile vomit (see over eater commentary in the well-baby post).

One of Ya's babble expressions that he says most often sounds strangely like "all good" or maybe "oh God." Another sounds like "Okay." Daddy and Mommy are certain he says them on purpose. He's gifted, you know?

It's cold in the house (colder outside, with weathermen predicting 38 degree temperature highs) and Ya has lost one sock. Tell me how it's always one and never both? And how is it that Chi often wakes up with only one sock too? What's up with my kids?

Chi revealed that her new favorite TV show is Peppa Pig. We have more channels with Fios (when it's working), so she gets to see a whole bunch of kid-friendly dedicated channels. She seems content with Noggin, and that's just fine with me.

It might seem strange to some people, but Chi knows a good photo op when she sees one. She suggested we take a few pics of the size of her and her brother's feet and hands at this age to show how much they've grown. The few pictures we took were cute, but my favorite isn't really a comparison shot at all...

We need to retire Ya's paci. In three months of soothing, it has taken a new form, its rubber peeling and its nipple permanently creased from Ya's night time preference of sleeping face down on the bed.

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