Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Practice in the Frugal Life

Yesterday I went into the grocery store on a mission and a budget. As a preacher of impetuousness as a virtue, this was no good. It was also totally out of character and threw my poor Chi for a loop. Chi, who got her own hand basket to pick out her items, could not understand why she couldn't have her pick of cookies, candy, or even fruits ($4.99/lb grapes!?!).

She did not like Mommy's repeated "I can't afford it" or "It's too expensive." How could she understand that money is tight? Does she realize that with only $30 in the bank and $11 in the pocket until payday, food options are limited?

She ended up with four apples, a generic bag of potato chips and a bag of potatoes (why'd she want those?). And Mommy bought essentials for dinner and subsequent meals: deli meat (on special), cheese, bread, and sweet potatoes. Never have I spent so long scrutinizing cost per ounce/pound/gallon. Never have I craved so much and gotten so little. Although I should be proud of my forced discretionary spending, somehow frugal shopping on a budget is a distasteful experience.

By the way, how is the look of the new page? Danielle did a great job spotlighting my kids and my sentiments to give my page some pizazz! I'm super impressed at the less than 24 hour turn around, too. Suddenly I look like a legitimate professional blog journalist. Yes, I'm a long way from my columnist days at J-school, but it's a similar concept.

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