Monday, April 9, 2012

honeymooning (with kids) on relaxation coast

The hubs and I delayed our honeymoon until we could bring the entire family along for the trip. Weird, right? Well, with the combining of two three-person households, it seemed ideal to make our first family trip happen rather than escaping on a romantic adventure sans minors. (Our minors are majors, after all.)

[Texture Tuesday @ KK Cafe featuring "Little Things"]
So, we packed up our beach bum wardrobes, rented a van, and cruised down 95 south. Half a dozen stops and many hours later, we arrived in North Myrtle Beach - a seaside vacation spot with streets lined in souvenir shops and miniature golf attractions.

Our home-from-home apartment was a nice two bedroom, two bath place in Wyndham's WestWinds resort. Unfortunately, the biggest selling point of the location was its beach front location and friendly staff, because all other comforts and amenities I've been spoiled with at other timeshare locations were not featured here.

What is here in abundance is ocean waves that never cease. Dilapidated wooden fences are nestled in long grasses. And a serenity permeates even when storms threaten high tides and pelting rains.

Ok, did anyone happen to notice that I said I was driving a VAN? Yes, to fit my family of six (plus Oma), we had to get a bigger vehicle. Poor Celi sat at home and I missed my sleek, speedy sports car terribly as I whipped through traffic in the Chrysler Town & Country beast. I suppose this is one of those turning points in parenthood - when the car of choice is no longer functional for transporting the growing family.

We're still learning how this new family dynamic works. Our littles are used to being the "baby" in their respective family- but there can only be one and both of them have aged out of the role in our cast. Our bigs are always the oldest, except now one is no longer. Instead, she claimed the role of "princess" as the only girl in a house of boys.

Admittedly, I'm still getting used to this collaboration thing. I've been independent for a long time and it's still novel to have a partner sharing responsibilities and joys. I kinda like it.

So the "honey" in this vaykay is the sweet that comes from realizing that this man of mine gives my heart flutters whenever he says "I love you." It's his insistence that the pudgy girl I've always been known as is beautiful in his sight no matter what the mirror reports. It's those times when we say the same thing at the same time without intention. It's the hugs, hand holding, and kisses of someone who adores me (and it's reciprocated).

It's knowing that this active brood of youngsters is under our care - that together, we're developing wonderful and independent people who will enjoy family, adventure, and learning.

And it's saying good night or good morning to those whose company is cherished.


deb c said...

i lovvve your photo. but i really love your post. it's beautiful, and made me happy just to read it! thanks for that!

Carol said...

I agree with deb c. Love the photo and the post. P.S. - you have a beautiful family.