Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Over, Hold SWF '12:14,15

Missed Six Word Fridays last week and a few others here and there - a trend that is becoming somewhat habit as I adjust to being Mrs. The whirlwind of activity leading up to and following our nuptials has been cataclismic on my already weak organization. It ain't easy merging two households with two children each and two mature adults with quite a bit of life experience crammed into boxes. Don't tell Clean House, but we may soon be in the running for most-needed-intervention if I don't get it together soon.

Over (4.18.12)
It happened yesterday upon his waking:
He's so over being the baby.
He realized he was in charge.
No, really. He took complete control.
He whipped his head mockingly around,
Curled his lip like child-Elvis,
And admonished Mommy for being simple.
And, she's a "big meanie," too!
I mean why sweat the missing shoes?
"It's not like it's feet day."
It's picture day. Footware? Who cares?
That's the turning point of three.

Clinging to my last bit now.
Sanity slipping away quickly. Can't cope.
From two to four, now official.
Each with a single-minded determination
that doesn't match my dictated plans.
This one seeks adulthood-independance now.
That one wants privacy and space.
This one craves more attention, please?
And that one wants to leave.
I try to hold onto hope.
Life will create a new normal.
I ordered that parenting handbook.
The publisher review read like this:
Do it yourself and learn quickly
these kids need you to adapt
figure out what makes them thrive
and put together something all enjoy.
[Soon I'll get a hold again.]


Justine said...

Oh yes, I can relate. My three-year-old tries to exert her independence every way she can, and it's exhausting, this battle of wills. One day she's my baby and the next, we're arguing about the merits of proper footwear in school...

Sara said...

Wishing you a wonderful wedding day! And hoping you get a hold of everything many things to grasp!

pattisj said...

Merging families seems overwhelming sometimes. I've witnessed so many struggle with it. If the parents both see the family as a whole, agree to not choose sides, and work toward the goal of unity, it will be successful. I'm sure there's enough love to go around, you can do this!

Melissa said...

"It's not like it's feet day." Your little guy cracks me up!

Keep on holding on. I like Patti's comment. I know you can do this!