Thursday, March 8, 2012

SWF '12:10 - i wish

i wish it were easier for
each one of my special gems
to adjust to newness and unknown.
they wonder where they might fit - -
if there's a place reserved here.
some fighting past hurts of abandonment,
others disappointment and frequently tumultuous disruption,
and then there are overwhelming feelings
that the crowd might consume attention.
don't they know love is limitless?
i wish they could feel enveloped
in the same rapture we do.

i wish, i wish... i pray
they're assured this family is theirs.

***shared with Six Word Fridays: Wish

In other news, we met with our officient yesterday evening with the "bigs." As he gave us sample vows and sentiments for our program, I felt myself verklempt as we discussed how our children would be included in the vows. There's a beautiful passage for pledging our devotion to these new charges - about what is essentially an adoption of the heart. Our four. Those most affected by this union. Those who have tried over the course of the last few weeks to establish their positions in the household. And, who've countless times demanded proof of our loyalty to them. We've removed the "step;" I've always prefered a one level abode (and a heart makes no distinction). Yet, it is an odd time and certainly not the repose one might expect when all the planning is done and we are merely waiting for the day to arrive.


Dianna said...

Hi, there!
Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. My first time visiting here; sounds like you have a big day coming up soon. I love so many of your phrases "love is limitless"; "we've removed the step".
Going to check out some of your previous posts!
Have a good day -

Adrienne said...

Big hearts and arms wide open ~ I believe your wishes will come true! I will surely be wishing and praying with you!

pattisj said...

Blending, as the two become one. May it be so.

LaQueshia Jeffries said...

Best of luck, Rachelle. They will adjust over time. Trust that your love to them and each will calm the waters over time.

Melissa said...

And I wish all the best for each of you, as you embark on this exciting next step of your journey--even if it's not all calm repose along the way.