Monday, March 12, 2012


According to Ya, everything that has ever happened happened yesterday.
And so, I'll adopt his timeline because it feels right right now.

Yesterday, I met a boy.
Yesterday, I had a crush.
Yesterday, I fell in love.
Yesterday, we shared our dreams.
Yesterday, he promised forever.
Yesterday, I said goodbye.
Yesterday, he let me go.
Yesterday, life moved on.
Yesterday, we went our separate ways.
Yesterday, he searched for me.
Yesterday, I was found.
Yesterday, he kissed me sweet.
Yesterday, he claimed my kids.
Yesterday, I welcomed home his.
Yesterday, he vowed his love.
Yesterday, I discovered my heart's home.
Yesterday, I found my soulmate.
Yesterday, he asked my Daddy - - and then, he asked my kids.
Yesterday, he said, "will you?"
Yesterday, I said "yes."

And tomorrow? We say "I do."

[five days until Mrs. is me.]


isaida @mami dearest said...


What a cutie :)

Michelle W said...

Beautifully said! Best of luck and much happiness to all of you.