Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SWF'12:09 - Clairvoyant Surrendering

I wish there were crystal spheres
to call upon in life's uncertainty.
To be sure, that is easy.
But to have a nagging doubt?
On my knees, eyes gently closed,
I send my requests to heaven.
Guide me now, help me please.
Two have appeared to merge us.
Two who seem to be called.
But which is meant to combine
his life with mine that day?
In considering the gravity of importance,
this one occassion ranks most high.
We want a sweet wedding blessing -
and sentiments spoken from His word.
My clairvoyance seems quite clouded, now.
The oxymoron intentionally placed before you.
I'll surrender to this answered prayer
perched silently on His unspeaking lips.
Hoping He'll make the ideal known
so our pending union is sealed.

**Shared with Six Word Fridays: SURRENDER.

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