Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project 52: 012.w3

I Dreamed a Dream

I wonder if he's dreaming about how mommy cannot keep a commitment on one of these projects no matter how cool or "her" it is?

I know that I'm dreaming about a lot of things... especially about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things that could happen for my wedding. (Yikes, nightmares.) Like the one about the invitations:

I spend the better part of an evening in front of my computer testing out fonts from "Da Font," toying with colors, and arranging text on PhotoShop. I'd think it was perfect, save as final, and then find a flaw. And after I'd arranged every detail the way I wanted, analyzed it half a dozen times, and flattened the image, I saved it as a TIFF and sent it to my fiancee for approval. His name was sitting atop a dark portion of the texture I used and wasn't bright enough. So I went to the PhotoShop file fixed it, flattened the image, and saved it as a new TIFF ("final, final"). By the time I got to "this is really the final," I'd exhausted my patience with the design. And I still had to design the back!

I sent the file to Moo for printing (their double sided, full color postcard option looked fabulous).

Then I went to sleep for a few rest-little hours.

In my dream, the invites arrived. I went to the stationary store to pick them up, and the associate located a small wallet-size photo box with my name on it. My eyes grew wide as I sized up the too-small box. She happily opened the box and I gasped as I saw my beautiful invitations - sized 5x7 on my computer - micro sized on a 2.5 x 3 business card. The text was so small, it was illegible without aid. As I began to shake my head, the associate said: "Is something wrong? You approved the proof. If they're not to your liking there is a press reset fee of $2000."

I woke up in a panic.

The invites have since arrived, and though smaller than my assumed 5x7 size, they are beautiful. Why I figured a post card was so large, I'll never know. But now my fear is that my nightmares and dreams have a little too much truth in them. So what of the countless other scary musings of my dreaming mind?

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