Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stop & Go: SWF'12:03

Idling here for a moment's pause
I close my eyes to consider
"where am I going these days?"
An all too common question, yes.
And yet, I've still not concluded
on exactly what my destination is.
I've flubbubed quite a bit lately;
floundered with what should've run smooth.
The moment stretches as I contemplate.
Seconds tic away relentlessly without fail.
And yet... I need this reflection.
A chance to think, to evaluate.
But, perhaps, not particularly here...honk!

* inspired by Melissa Camara Wilkin's "Six Word Fridays"


Adrienne said...

So creative, as always! I was in the car with you at the beginning, then got lost in thought with you....then "felt" honked at - was brought back to oh, yeah, she's sitting in the car! Funny (not haha funny) how hard it can be to take time to stop and reflect.

Melissa said...

I need more idling for reflection, too--but I also tend to do it at inopportune moments! I ought to give my kids little horns to honk to get me moving again. ;)

Sara said...

I do a lot of pondering in the's one of the few times I'm alone!!

pattisj said...

Honk--LOL Loved this, and can identify with all that you wrote.