Thursday, January 26, 2012

He said it...

Ya is three. Three, I say. He is all boy. He is smart. He is witty. He is full of character. He is profound.

Ya:"Mom, can I pretend I'm a doctor? How do you feel?
Mom: "My tummy hurts."
Ya:"Just drink medicine. Medicine and water."

Ya: "If I don't drink no medicine, then I won't be feeling no better. Mom, please."

Ya: "Can you make me food?"
Me: "The kitchen is closed."
Ya: "There is no kitchen door."

Ya, while watching my NY GIANTS beat the 49rs in football: "What color is redskins?"
Me:"red and yellow. They're not playing. That's Rob's team, 49rs. We like giants. Say, ' go giants."
Ya:"I like the star. Can I have them?"
Me: "traitor."

During a discussion about why he cannot eat my left over English muffin sandwich:
Me: "You eat breakfast at School."
Ya: did you see me eat? No. I didn't eat nothing."

Ya: "Mom are you ever going to get downstairs and get me food."
||ten seconds later||
"Are you going to get yourself downstairs? Cause I'm hungry. I ate a muffin. I ate fruit. Potatoes. Potatoe salad and..."
Me: "Why are you hungry?"
Ya: "Because I never ate a lot of stuff at my school. I ate a muffin, I ate fruit, I ate corn. And nothing else. Told you that. That's why I'm still hungry. Are you just going to get yourselves downstairs now?"


Amarie said...

Too funny! LOL! My 4 y/o's favorite line to her older sister and brother? "You guys are making me a headache!!!"

Taylor said...

He is so cute. They say such funny things. So amazing how much he has grown up since the last time I stopped by. I need to catch up more but hope to post atleast pictures on a more regular basis.