Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Painting up some decor

I feel like I have little excuse for the neglect I've served this page. But honestly, merging two households into one is a lot of work and we've yet to find a delicate balance that suits us well. The weekends have seen our children enjoying their perfect pairings - the littles with their train conducting and the biggers with their artistry seems to be the blend of choice right now.

Would you believe that when the kids put up our Christmas tree and decorated it (beautifully, while sharing a chair for reaching up high), I took not one photo? Not a single capture on Cam or Droid! Failure.

We've gotten a gingerbread village for the kids to put together and Ya has been wanting to do his "buhninja house" for some time. It's penciled into next week's calendar, for sure.

This week, though, I had this ridiculous desire to create our annual ornaments. I buy the kits on clearance at the end of season sales - perfect for non perishables, which paint, apparently, is not. Despite a minor setback of dried out color, Chi located her acrylics and the kids set to task.

The concentration on painting these wooden ornaments was intense. I suspect it had something to do with the terribly wide plastic brushes not giving flex the way natural bristles of artists' brushes do. Chi has, it seems, misplaced her brushes in the hidden corners of the netherworld otherwise known as her bedroom. She did, however, manage to find one so that she could paint her ornaments. I wonder sometimes about her true motives. Each kid whipped through their painting projects completing three apiece before Chi completed her first. These were, I think, an opportunity to showcase her artist's skills (and she knows quite well that every year they'll be displayed on our tree).
She's never had another artist in the house before, and Rico's presence has gotten her back into her passion with renewed fervor. Santa, if you're listening, both of my little creatives really want new supplies this year. They've been commissioned to create several pieces of wall art for our home.
As for my littles? No competition threatened just yet, but they did color some pretty impressive trains that are just calling for their photos to be placed inside as the conductors.

*Shared with Sweet Shot Tuesday, though next week's project is far sweeter.

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Tara said...

How fun (the painting) !

And we are allowed to not take pictures sometimes! :)