Friday, December 9, 2011

Six Word Fridays... Make

Making it real

Visions of diamonds affixed to eternity
a vow on my finger, sincerely...
Someday, maybe, a public "I do"
already two hearts have committed to
love, respect, cherish, motivate, support, inspire - -
far more than other's carnal desires.
Searching has ceased, a match found
incredible this blending, a harmonious sound
(of two hearts, two voices combined
and two families sharing all time).
Is this what they meant before?
God gives comfort when asked for.
Answering prayers and building on dreams
(some of which still left unseen).
There's a certain contentment deep within - -
a feeling that forever now begins.

*Inspired by Six Word Friday's key word "make"...


Tara said...

love it!

pattisj said...

That is beautiful!

Adrienne said...

This is beautiful! May what you've found grow and last and bloom and deepen!!

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Making it real! Love your words in your six word sentences! Very moving. You are a talented lady!

kate said...

wow, such a beautiful 'make' post.
your happiness inpsires and moves me!

Melissa said...

This post makes me so happy for you!
Beautiful and celebratory, joy made real. :)

LaQueshia Jeffries said...

"a vow on my finger"... Love it! Congrat congrats congrats Rachelle!