Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sometimes he shocks me

My dad said he was in the Christmas play.
He's left the house on several occassions for practice.
But the specifics of his role were not provided.
Not even a hint was made.

I'd noticed he was no longer hovering near our table.
He'd disappeared shortly after breakfast was served.
And when the play began, I figured he'd be there soon enough.
A Joseph, perhaps? A shepard? A messenger angel?

Those seemed to be missing in this little play.
But secular characters of the holiday season were plentiful.
Imagine my surprise when Rob leaned over to whisper, "That's your dad."
And sure enough, those were his eyes.
That was his nose (with the freckle right in the middle).
His lopsided head?
Obviously a result of the family's trait of head-shoulder sans neck formation.

The gingerbread man was my dad.

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