Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Let Them Be Little"

little fireman
I think three still qualifies as "little"... especially when attired in a hero's clothes.

Ya has been really into firemen lately. In fact, he wore his souvenir fire hat to dinner out yesterday. When a passerby said, "I like fires, too," Ya walked away grumbling.

"I don't like fire, I like firemen. They put fire out." Bravo, my littlest one, bravo.

IHEARTFACES "Let Them Be Little" challenge


Amarie said...

Well said, little man!

Amanda said...

I love this. The expression, the boots, the story... way too stinking cute.

Stasha said...

Clever dude! Love this photo, my personal pick for the win!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Now this is way too cute - frame worthy!

Tara said...