Monday, October 24, 2011

At 3, he's got the photographer's eye

He's hardly able to see through the small Cannon viewfinder, but give him access to my camera, and he's a photographing paparrazo with dynamic style and abundant energy.
ya shooting
Now that his hands can easily hold the camera (weighted by the battery extention attachment), it took a 30 second "Here's the button you push," to render Ya an expert marksman of the photographic sort.
double peace from Chi
Granted, some of his images are abstract swirls of color, but a larger majority were crisp, clear captures of the world as he sees it.
he caught her
And though he sometimes captures a bit more of some subjects than intended - as evidenced by the shot of the "cool little dog" which is more of the undressing owner - he knows what to preserve in an image. In fairness, I should add that the dog he wanted to photograph was quickly snatched up by the partially jacketed woman on the right because she feared little man with camera would stomp the tiny pooch. The dog in the picture was already being carried by a woman wearing pretty nifty high heel boots that certainly didn't look suited for a walk through the trails, but that she was booking it at high speed in.
What he shot
His pastoral photos are probably my favorite.
Pastoral pictures
However, I see amazing natural talent in his framing of portraits. You see, he gets the idea of capturing details that many photographers I see documenting their surroundings can easily miss.
the details collection
And Chi had fun working as his "model" even though sometimes he saw something more appealing just above her carefully positioned body.
Chi, his model
He's only three. Three since the end of August. And already, he's found a natural talent for preserving memories. I wonder what he'll develop (pun intended) in future photo excursions.

A teacher, maybe, as he would not relinquish the camera to Chi without giving her a quick how to take a picture lesson. Less than 20 minutes 'in the biz' and he's giving classes!

Ya's images are essentially straight out of the camera, but have been slightly cropped in the quad collections because of the size restrictions of my template. The photos of him "at work" were taken with my Droid Incredible and have been sharpened in PhotoShop.

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Tamar Strauss-Benjamin said...

I love giving little kids cameras and seeing the world through their eyes! He's got a great eye at 3!

Buckeroomama said...

Amazing! He definitely does have a great eye. You can start a mommy-and-me photography business soon! :)

Jennifer_StudioJRU said...

He is too cute! And the images he captured... beautiful. He had an adorable model to work with too! :)

Gina said...

WOW- look at him rock that camera!! AWESOME!

Meryl said...

These are such GREAT shots. And I love the warmth and humor. I look forward to more visits!