Friday, October 28, 2011

Six Word Fridays: Sound

Sound Asleep
(for Laura and Yadon)

A still and peaceful quiet envelops.
Only the gentle rustle of sheets -
as you shift in slumber - sounds
An almost inaudible swish of fabric
Occasionally, there is more, interrupting silence
You mumble some passing thought aloud
Sometimes, it’s incoherent, this sporadic sound.
And other times, it’s sweet simplicity -
an inadvertent confession of your day –
makes me pause and smile then.
As I stand in the doorway
watching your body rise and fall
with each powerful breath, I’m content.
Because baby though you’re aged beyond
a point when you could easily
be cradle rocked in my arms,
I still am pressed into vigil
over what God has given me.

The inspiration word this week for Six Word Fridays is sound.


Kristi said...

OMG! I loooovvve this! Your word useage and imagry is just beautiful! The last lines brought a tear to this nostalgic moma's eye! Thank you for sharing this....jusst beautiful!
Stopping by from Six Word Friday

Kelly said...

Love this, Rachelle. It's exactly how I feel when I (still) check on my nearly-11-year-old each night.

ayala said...

I love this, Rachelle. Great!

melissa said...

Oh, I am familiar with that vigil. My oldest used to wake up every time I'd kiss her forehead in her sleep...