Friday, October 21, 2011

Six Word Fridays: Silence

A "psuedo-ku" in the tradition of Sonya Sanchez

Silence is banished, I've found Voice
and I shall Scream out louder
than ever before has been heard.

How goes your silence? Share with Six Word Fridays.


Adrienne said...

So good. I adore that photo! Funny, my take on our word is learning when to keep my thoughts to myself...isn't it always a balance?!!

Sara said...

Like you I want to scream from the roof tops!

Ashley Sisk said...

Powerful image!

Mel Gallant said...

Yes, scream as loud as you can. Love the image too. Like any moment your subject will look up at say what's on her mind. Also - the earrings caught my eye right away. :)

Melissa said...

Finding our voice: a valuable exercise!

Ayala said...

Love this... So good to find your voice!

Brook @ To Be Dancing said...

Knowing you have something to say
and saying it.
Very powerful!