Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SHS: the dotted line

I promised myself the theme would not get the best of me... I would find a dotted line in my travels. I would make a dotted line if I had to. I was going to capture me a dotted line on film... er, uh, digital card.

dotted lineI did it. I DID IT! sculpture hut

True, the folk seated outside The National Museum of the American Indian thought I was a bit loopy for shoving my son's stroller off to a corner and shooing away pedestrians like they were pigeons. I needed a clear shot of the etched ground.

I crouched low from several angles to shoot but refrained from laying down completely (couldn't freak out my traveling companions too much, you know, I like company). Nevertheless, I did hear one of them say in a theatrical aside: "I bet you and Ya are used to this, huh?" As she chuckled at my determination.

Well, as Dora would say, "Lo hicimos." Except there was no we. It was all me, oh yeah. I got it.

And, bonus! I got a second dotted line on a sculpture in the museum's garden installation. I didn't even have to crouch for it.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday, "mission complete!"


Stasha said...

And now to celebrate, lets have some pretty drinks with umbrellas! Congrats Rachelle!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh yeah you did it - can you now take all my SHS photos for this week. I'm soooo behind.

Tara said...

love it!