Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey School: bring it on!

We've organized our closets. We've pulled out the clothes that no longer fit and made our donations to charity. We've shopped for the preschool and fourth grade must-have class lists.
Shopping for schoolWe've posed for Mommy's obligatory back to school fashion pictures. And discovered (luckily) that the skirt Chi wanted to wear on day one does not fit at all - first day tragedy averted.
B2S collage
A few dozen sloppy kisses from little brother to annoy big sister. It worked like a charm. And then, he began to plot.ya

ya schoolA couple of escapes in our mock "walking to the bus stop" photos. escape
Then, big sister leads the way and provides a secure hand to hold.
and they're off
We've got this before back to school thing down. Mommy will go off to work to prepare her classroom and organize her lessons next week. There'll be no school buses for our crew again this year. When the actual first day of school arrives, we'll commute to our respective learning spaces in the pre-sunrise morning. And we'll work hard to continue the success begun last term.
trio b2s
Oh yeah, school, bring it on!
back to school

** Taking our back to school photos days before school starts is becoming an annual tradition. As a teacher, I don't have the ability to walk my kids into their classrooms or to wait for buses with other parents and caregivers. So a couple of days before the official First Day of School, we pick out our first day outfits and venture outside for a trial run of the first morning. Of course, Ya wears a uniform when his school year actually starts, so his outfit is only his choice during the summer session at preschool. The luxury of staging this event is that I can wait for the perfect light of mid morning.


Patti G said...

Ya is going to be a "lady killer" some day with those big brown eyes. Cha seems so patient with him, but I'm SURE there's another side to that story, eh?
Love the shots - have a great year at school. I return for meetings next week & classes the following.....

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh yeah - they are totally ready. That last shot should be framed!

Tara said...

So sweet! Love these pictures! I think that is great that you do a mock going back to school!

Jenn said...

Those shots of your young Ya looking over his shoulder with the backpack. Awesome! That personality and expression are just priceless And Cha's fashion sense...I wish I had such flair.

Amarie said...

Bee-u-teeful models you have there! They look all ready for school!

Stasha said...

Your kiddlets have the coolest attitudes. I love the neckless she is wearing. I never though of this before but yes, as a teacher you get a lot of perks but you miss on the mornings.
Great shots!