Friday, August 26, 2011

Six Word Fridays: Easy

Falling in love was so easy.

Simply opened my heart to you.

Stepped out on faith of feeling

and allowed emotions to guide me.

If allowed, it would've lasted forever

running on passion and primal connection.


But something happened, an intervention began.

Sneaking into my mind, slowly interrupting;

beginning like a tiny shoe pebble.

Walked upon, at first, hardly noticed,

but rubbing into sole - my soul -

and causing discontent. The mind wonders.


It's been too long lingering here

I long for something more concrete.

It's not enough to say it --

sweet sentiments to honey a moment.

Walk forward into our eternal knot

or untie this string hold now.


Endings never seem an easy start

even when it begins a new.

Can I fall up? Clinging to truth.

There's no ring to encircle us.

No declaration before powers invested in.

I did. I don't. I do.

caught up

Shared with Six Word Fridays hosted by Melissa Camara Wilkins.


ayala said...

This is lovely. So hard when it begins like a pebble in a shoe and grows....I hope it all works out!

Rachelle said...

thank you... it's working out. I'm just resolving it in my head (and on paper). Never seems as planned, but in His plan.

Brook @ To Be Dancing said...

yeah, love is the easy part.

Kate said...

Oh, those pebbles in our souls. This was beautiful and somber. Fall up.

cj Schlottman said...

Wow! This wonderful. Your words carry great weight and are so readable and lyrical. You put me right there in your shoes - pebble and all. I admire your honesty in this poem. It gives it great strength.

You are a wonderful poet.


Melissa said...

Oh, those pebbles! Can we shake out our shoes? Can our souls expand to make room? Or do we have to put our foot down before we blister? Sometimes the path ahead is so hard to discern.

Dishita said...

Sometimes pebbles stick in to make us realize how much strength we have to face things.
Stay in there.

Mel Gallant said...

"Walk forward into our eternal knot
or untie this string hold now"

Beautiful and heart-wrenching.