Sunday, May 1, 2011

Picture Hunting

This is the week of broad interpretation... Call me unique, call me ecclectic, call me a **gasp** cheater?

4.24.11 park(217)
I bet you were thinking building, right?  The structure that makes up the playspace at Fantasy Park is a big wooden creation  - rare these days.  Its a delight to the eyes to see the angles, slants, and lines. A simple, functional work of art.

Rimmed with Light
light reading
Her collection of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books accompanies us everywhere these days.  It's her light reading of choice.

This is my Favorite
oma's hands b&w
There is beauty in earning your years, in living a long and fulfilled life.  Mom would argue (likely), that this picture doesn't capture her "best."  I would argue, however, that my mother's hands are - next to her lips - the most treasured parts.  Hands that tell a story, that held my own, that comfort, tickle, and repair. Hands that create. Hands that have worked hard and continue to do so.

I am haunted by several missed opportunities to capture a moment.  My camera, always nearby, sat lonely in his bag waiting to be invited to join me.  The invitation didn't come.  And since time does not stand still and moments are often not replicated, I failed.  Fortunately, I've learned to keep Cam at the ready and everyone I visit now knows I'm not afraid to let my companion work.

shades and bubbles

Toes and Feet
Oh I wish I'd sprung for the pedicure!
futbol dreams
Anyway, I thought my dear friend's future futbol star would work for this theme - she is, afterall, dreaming of kicking her Daddy's ball into the goal! [You use both toes and feet for that ;)] Her dad coaches the Girl's Soccer Team for a local middle school. And she's got an in-house competitor in her big sister.


rebekah said...

Wow! I love your photos for the Scavenger Hunt!
The wooden park reminds me of a park I loved to play on as a child. Splinters and all!

Carla Hutchins said...

I love all of these photos! I'm a school teacher and those diary of a wimpy kid books are such a favorite of so many kids. I love your 'favorite' shot! It is so sentimental...

deb duty said...

Your rimmed with light shot is fabulous! The light is so pretty.

mommy of Five said...

love your photos! that playground reminds me of one we found a few years back! my kids loved it! we found one just recently near our house as well, but yours look so much more fun!

Lee said...

Love the contrast of older hands with younger child. Just beautiful.

Dorian Susan said...

Beautiful photos....the hands photo is so special....and even with that cute baby there, it is the hands that speak volumes.
Also love your take on shades.

Ashley Sisk said...

Your favorite shot tells such a story - it should definitely be framed.

JennyRain said...

The hands in your favorite drew me in - it is so engaging

zippitypow said...

the hands shot is both visually striking and meaningful. all of your photos remind me of the fun part of the scavenger hunt...the stories behind everyone's photos

Kimberly Gauthier said...

These are wonderful. Your favorite is gorgeous and belongs in a frame.

Anonymous said...

I really loved this, and that you tell the story to go with! How fun to be at the playground. And your favorite photo I agree deserves a frame. It's lovely!

Seizing My Day said...

I love the favorite shot... and the baby for toes... and well... the bubbles... I love them all!! thanks for the visit! =)

My Captivating Images said...

Great job! :) No right or wrong here, it's all about your interpretation! :)

Miriam said...

The picture of your mothers hands is simply wonderful. I love the stories that go with your pictures. This is such a great challenge, your interpretations are beautiful.