Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goin' Huntin'

Vanishing Point
purple power
I think agreeing to the purple hair pretty much marks the vanishing point of "little girl" status... may have to rethink her style...

Square Crop
lips square
A sweet kiss from my littlest gift is always welcome. He's got some amazing smoochers.

A few of the pathways at Fantasy Park are a little low... ouch!
"Welcome to the Jungle"
A shot from phase two of last week's self led, self empowered, solo photo walk... the "Occoquan" jungle. I love the drops hanging from those curly tree limbs.
In moments of calm, I pick up a book... and escape.  This self portrait stuff is getting to be quite fun... might have to visit Selfie's page and get some new challenges.


Ashley Sisk said...

You always impress me with your work - I'm loving your square crop and under shots.

Abi said...

Ok, I love all of these but your self- portrait? Wow! Beautiful!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful shots! LOVE your square crop, under, and self-portrait! Reading out in the woods by some running water... heavenly! =)

Jackie said...

LOVE the kisser shot!!! The purple hair is amazing!!! They are beautiful gifts!!

julie said...

All such great interpretations...really creative on the vanishing point!!

Natalie said...

Your photos are so crisp and colorful and perfect! I love your vanishing point interpretation!

L. said...

Your photos are so lovely; your daughter is rocking that purple hair! And I definitely think that we are neighbors--maybe we'll run into each other at Fantasy Park one day? :)

Elliemae Ink/Cherie said...

There is some serious attitude in those sassy poses!
What fun!!
Your self portrait is really great!
Nice job!