Thursday, March 10, 2011

Six Words Friday: Wonder

He is wonder-full, every day discovering
Seeking out and exploring the nuances
The world? His treasure chest, replete.
I wonder what he thinks about.
I wonder what he is feeling.
I wonder what makes him wonder.

In the morning, fresh eyes open.
Look around in wonderful amazement.
Wanders and wonders and happens upon...

a bug sitting atop a leaf.
or a bird in flight above.
or big sister offering a kiss.
wonder too
In wonderment, he draws a breathe
Eyes widden and fingers reach longingly.
He revels in his fresh findings.

921... 922 days: a life neophite.
When does the wonder in ordinary - -
simply subside, slip away, or... STOP?
six words


Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful post - beautiful photos.

ayala said...

Great photos...wondering what they are thinking never ceases. They amaze us and it's wonderful to see the world through their eyes.

Colleen said...

They are such wondrous little creatures, aren't they? :) How I'd love to get a peek inside the workings of the precious little minds that seem to make my world go round. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know what my girl is thinking too, she is wonder-ful as well. Your photography is great!

Ms. Monet said...

I agree with everyone about the photos. Their juxtaposition with your beautiful words was breathtaking. A gorgeous post!

Elle said...

Amazing post and I just love the photos. :)

Melissa said...

I hope ordinary wonder never stops.
Slows... well, yes. But not stops.
I hope.

Sara said...

Beautiful blog, beautiful pictures, beautiful words!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the wonder never stops! Love, love the photos especially the last one.