Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rain, rain, rain down on me

The weather report was bleary:
90 percent chance of rain.
Droplets turned to torrents of downward running wet.
And though I thought the better, my willpower won.
A day in Adams Morgan, set aside just for me.

It was one I could not pass up.  So I drove. Windshield wipers swishing, but water fighting to stay. Slick streets make tires slide.  Sprays of grit and mud attack.  I drove on.  Surely, this storm was the end of the "scattered rain" episodes foretold?
GPS was lost, subsequently, so was I. Roads closed. No detour posted. She said turn left on a one way? Uh, no way.

I parked.  The digital map read .6 miles to the destination.  The building numbers around me suggested a few blocks further.  So I parked in an empty space (parallel parking flashbacks of Berkeley, not my forte). I hiked. Block upon block, I trodded.  Strolled past a community market with the best smelling South American inspired dishes ever.

The rain subsided to an occassional drip. A mist of laughter, and then sunshine shone through.  I arrived at my destination.  Ironically, it was in front of sUNtrust bank, the company that ruined my financial security with its pathetic mishandling of a government mortgage program.

The company offering the photo tour advertises "rain or shine," but they canceled... by e-mail... late in the evening... and the notice went to junk. Hmmm...

But I was in Adams Morgan, so why not explore alone?
DC walk


Nicole said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love how you collaged your your photos. Each one is unique and beautiful. Thanks for stopping by today too! I have to say that I've been working on those jump photos for Theme Thursday and It's not easy for me to catch those kids.

fiddlehead said...

Now that is one amazing collage! I love it....was a great way to capture the city!

I am just loving on your blog. Your photography is amazing!