Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Scavenging

ick: chocolate
Ick. I don't like chocolate.  Want to find a quick way to get rid of me?  Cook brownies, chocolate cake, and the like and I'll make myself very scarse.  In college, a boyfriend thought a heart shaped box of chocolates was a great gift for Valentine's Day.  It was clear proof that he knew nothing about me and wasn't interested in taking the effort and time to learn.  I'm a card, letter, sentiment kind of gal.  Anyway, Chi says I was "born wrong" because of my sincere distaste of the coco product.  Ya, apparently, was also born wrong - - these are his chocolates (a gift from his teacher).  He unwrapped each one and bit and spit.  I suppose he thought one of them would taste good if he tried enough...
2.19 (numbers)
Chi thought we should brave the 60 MPH winds that were whipping through the DMV yesterday.  So, we ventured to the community playground.  We stopped off on the way to our favorite private oasis where the kids skipped rocks and I experimented with my Canon EF-S 60 2.8 Macro lens.  I admit that I didn't read the lens manual (wow, it needed instructions?), so I was merely tinkering by trial and error.  What I love thus far is that shooting with Macro pushes my imagination into the abstract.  It's like I'm suddenly seeing the world in miniature - - and every part of a thing is a perfect capture.
Canned Food
canned food
I've been a bit leery of canned fruit since opening a new can of fruit cocktail and finding ubiquitous black mold spots on every piece. Disgusting.  Even the memory makes me sick.  And how do you calm the very unhappy kids who were salivating over thoughts of the sweet treat? Trust, it wasn't easy.

Yesterday, in a very expensive trip to several grocery stores, I was reminded to never shop hungry.  Chi really wanted some pinapples... and though I lived in Hawaii where they grew fresh abundantly, I've never attempted to carve (?) one.  Hello pre-cut deliciousness.
Ya was more than ready to ham it up for the camera... In fact, he's been calling me for photos frequently as he does some weird something he thinks I'll be interested in capturing.  Oh yes, show business dreams and self promotion start early for Davis boys...
Notice the unwilling model?  That's why I resorted to the Macro lens and bracelets by themselves... I got about two test shots before the man-child pilfered the stack of bracelets.


soniaa said...

I like your stack and chocolate! Great work!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your descriptions just make me laugh - especially with the chocolate. Great work all the way around.

Kimberly said...

Fun shots! I get told all the time to "stop taking my picture!" by my 3 kids. Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen! :)

My sweet husband cuts up a fresh pineapple every week. We LOVE fresh pineapple in this house!

Have fun with your macro lens! Looks like you are doing alright with it already.

Cecily R said...

Your creative interpretations are FABULOUS!! They're all great but I think Numbers is my favorite.

jillconyers said...

Fun interpretations for this week's themes. Love the chocolate shot.