Monday, February 21, 2011

A Selfie ... and Ya

So, there's nothing new to report on the homestead.  We spent the day reinacting Dora the Explorer ("Where are we going? Grandma's house! Where are we going?").  Before our trip with the map, with the map, with the map, Ya and I decided to head to the hideaway outdoors so Mommy could take a sort-of-monthly self portrait.  [Ok, we really don't need a map to get to grandma's, but we do travel highway, hill, lots of steps.]

The sky was overcast, so even though I was right on my 10ish timeline, the sun wasn't threatening to cast shadows on anything.  The rain clouds, however, were ominous; every so often, a drop would strike me in a not-so-subtle warning.

I ignored it.

Chi decided to stay at home.  Then, half an hour into my shoot, she called worried because we were gone too long. Hmmm...

I'm getting better with my remote.  I use the two second delay, my 50mm lens, and the tripod.  Backgrounds blur, whatever is in the foreground is clear, and I can shoot away.   I did.  Meanwhile, Ya skipped rocks in the little river for a bit.

self portrait 2.21.11


mama and ya

Truth be told, I got some pretty impressive before full body shots.  Now I need to get to work on "the after": healthy living, healthy eating, healthier me.

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