Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six Word Friday: Novel

It was a truly novel idea
Quite my seemingly dead end job
Begin on the career path now
I had dreamed I'd be walking
Dreams, in fact, that should be
no longer imagined, but becoming truth

It was a truly novel idea
Stop right now, and begin anew
Reach beyond my present reach
Be who I hoped to become
Now, not later – no more waiting
tomorrow may not be for me

Isn't it novel, this next action?
Taking the risk to make reality
trudging on a path that isn't
yet, but will be quickly laid
It is a truly novel idea
one that will not wait anymore.
six words


ayala said...

Now not later is a great way to live-good luck :)

Heather said...

Taking chances pays off big time.
Glad the reach blessed your life.

Melissa said...

Live the life you want: yes!

(So glad you joined us today!) :)

Anonymous said...

The urgency of a dream late in coming--I feel ya!

Anonymous said...

How exciting - to be pursuing your dreams. Good for you...courageous endeavours!