Sunday, February 13, 2011

Studio Time

I began Saturday with BIG plans.
Canon was ready.
So were his batteries, memory cards, and lenses.
I confirmed the kiddos' vaykay day from Mommy.
Ya went with Daddy M, Chi with Oma and PopPop.
I hear he was hooked on Chuggington.
She went bowling.
And caught the same bug Ya shared with me.
I got lost in Springfield thanks to GPS.
She "recaulculated" and led me in circles.
More than once.
And I arrived, finally.
An Engagement Photography workshop.
Except, not.
It was supposed to be in Georgetown.
Lifestyle and urban-esque modern shooting.
All studio.
Still, I was hopeful.
But, alas, the advertisement was a mistake.
This was inspired by "Romantics" - - romance novel covers.
romantics duo
Hope was not yet lost...
I shot [when permitted].
No "sniper shooting" he said.
This meant all posed, nothing natural.
personality duo
tie conundrum
And as I drove home?
All I could think about was not having anything ready for Sunday Scavenger Hunt :(
That, and wasting money on a workshop
The lighting and backdrops, I don't have.
And a niche in photography where I'm not... being me.

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