Monday, December 27, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

12.18.2010:  Instead of the traditional church play (oh how I used to dread being volunteered to be in those!), EBC presented a community Breakfast With Santa.  It was a great way to provide fellowship, fun, and to further the message that there's no Christmas without the CHRIST.

Now I'm the first to admit that I've not been a frequent attendee at the Sunday service.  My faith is strong, but I'm not content with the sanctuary. Chi finds her solace and learns about the Bible at SSEED (spiritual sisters educating Ebenezer's daughters) meetings twice a month.  And Ya is determined not to sit still for any sermon longer than five minutes - - but then, he's at a Christian preschool, so I'm satisfied that he's getting some foundation.

Anyway, the breakfast was yummy. It was just enough to tide us over for the festivities - and then we would eat waffles at Oma's. The kids posed for a photo with Santa (and I readily confess that I purposely waited for this opportunity to get a capture with a Santa more closely resembling us).
12.18 (holidays)
And in the middle of the event was a series of songs honoring the secular characters of the season. 
Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer visited for their songs.
12.18 (frosty and rudi)
When the Grinch passed through, though, Ya was a bit worried.  He called him a monster and clung to big sister tightly. (She says he bit her in his fear).
12.18 (17)12.18 (grinch)12.18 (hugs)
And then the story of the child born in a manger to a virgin, whose birth was a gift to a dying world, began.  Through song, spoken word, and interpretive dance, the story of Jesus's birthday was shared.  I think Chi really enjoyed it, as she sat in awe of the story as it unfolded before her.
angel praise dance
12.18 (nativity)
It was a beautiful blend of some of the best stories the world has ever told.
12.18 (66)
And because the kids lingered and refused to head to the exit as requested, I won a door prize (we never win anything).  Maybe their stalling is a good thing?

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thanks for sharing your Christmas...How fun for the kids to see a black santa...LOVE it!

happy holidays to you and yours!