Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where's the White Stuff?

The weather outside is supposed to be filled with the fluffy white falling stars... but all I've seen are flurries.  It's nothing like the day long storm that hit last week, causing the schools to close early, the commute home to be treacherous, and giving us a Friday of fun. 

Now that was a snow storm!
12.16 (32)
It was a chance for sledding down Oma's hill:
12.17 (124)
12.17 (204)
(it's all about technique and personal style)
12.17 (119)12.17 (103)
Then, time for an old fashioned snow ball WAR:
12.17 (293)
(veteran thrower didn't resort to her usual ice boulder tossing -- a first)
12.17 (282)12.17 (279)12.17 (287)
Oh, that was a great snow fall!
12.17 (271)

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