Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Soul Train

My little conductor is now official!

It started with a gift bag from Mrs. Marnie at school.  She picked out Thomas the Train audio book set and a cool talking and moving train.  It was a fabulous addition to our five hour drive to Fayetteville Dec. 22.

Then, when we visited Gram on Christmas afternoon, she brought out the most awesome age-appropriate train set I've ever seen.  Mommy gave up on putting the track together after about an hour of frustration and little progress.  Super sister, however, wanted to see the train in action, so she snuck downstairs and got the whole system set up.  After a quick battery in the logging train - yep, Mommy was able to complete that task - Conductor Ya was ready to ride the rails.
In Chargetrain conductin' tootrain conductin' tretrain conductin' logging
train watchin'Riding the rails
All Aboard!

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what a great set! love these. he's so cute. happy new year